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How to Get Your Kids Interested in Golf

08 Jun 2017

Getting kids involved in the game of golf is a great idea! It provides countless benefits with exercise being just one of them. For more details on how youth can benefit from golf check out our blog on junior golfers. While there are countless reasons as to why kids should take up golf, it isn't always easy to get them involved or interested in the game. A round of golf takes around 4 hours on average to finish. That's a long time to keep a young golfer entertained and engaged! Here are a couple of tips and suggestions on how to get your kids interested in the game.

Make Things Fun

When trying to get a junior interested in golf, your ultimate goal should be to make the game as fun as possible. Don't focus on teaching them the fundamentals of the game or critiquing their technique. Instead, praise and compliment what they are doing! No one has a good time when they are constantly being put down or think they are doing something wrong. When they hit a nice shot, let them know! If they hit a bad shot, compliment something else, like their swing or stance. If you don't take the game too seriously, neither will they. This isn't to say you shouldn't respect the rules of the course, but have a little more leeway than you would with an adult partner. Something as simple as letting them rake the bunkers or using the ball retriever could help them stay interested longer.

Take Things Slow

If taking them out for a round seems like it will be too much, take them mini putting a couple of times. Putting itself is half of the game and is essential to learn. Mini-putt is fun and stress free, creating the perfect environment to learn. This will also make them more confident in their abilities on the course. When they are ready to take things out onto the course, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The first, is that a round of golf can seem very long. Keep this in mind and play only 9 holes. If they decide after 4 holes that they are done, don't force them to play the last 5 holes. This is important as you do not want them to view the game as tedious and boring! Another thing to keep in mind is that with junior golfers, a typical round can take longer. If there is a group behind you, let them play through so that you don't feel rushed. This will allow your child to take their time and enjoy their round!

"A man who can putt is a match for anyone" - Willie Park. 

Time for Lessons?

When it comes to lessons, it is best to wait until they are more comfortable with the game. Your ultimate goal is to make the game fun, and putting them in lessons can take this away. Making a sport seem like work is an easy way to turn them away. Wait until they are a bit older before putting them in lessons. You can definitely give them tips on how to properly hold the club, but keep most of your suggestions to yourself and let them play in their own way. However, putting them into summer golf camps is a different approach. They will be receiving a bit of guidance, and usually the camps are full of fun games and mini tournaments, which adds extra excitement to the game. The camps are different from traditional lessons as they will be surrounded by kids their own age, and are not there to learn but to enjoy fun activities. This could also help get them excited about lessons, as they will be more confident in their abilities.

Key Points to Remember

Try to remember that the ultimate goal is to make the game fun. Let them play at their own pace and be more lenient with the rules. Play shorter rounds as kids have short attention spans and may not enjoy a 4 hour round of golf! If they're done after 5 holes, so be it!

Take your kids out for a fun round of golf this Sunday! Every Sunday kids play for FREE after 3pm when accompanied by a full paying adult. What a great way to get them out on the course! Click here to book a tee time or call the pro shop at (905) 679-2703.

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