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What is a Hybrid Club and Why Would You Use One?

02 Aug 2017

A hybrid is something you might have in your bag already without realizing it. Basically, a hybrid is a cross between an iron and a fairway wood. A hybrid refers to a mixture of two different species, with the outcome having the most desirable features of both. It seems as if its an appropriate name! It provides the more forgiving nature and distance of a wood while giving you the same swing as an iron. 

A Bit of History

Hybrid clubs were developed about 25 years ago. Taylormade revolutionized the industry when they came out with their hybrid in 2003. Each club manufacturer designs their hybrids a bit differently, but the main feature in all of them is it sends the ball higher in the air with less effort. They have replaced long irons in many golfers bags, especially those looking for a more forgiving club. Hybrids have become known as the 'utility' or 'rescue' club. 

"Not even God can hit a 1-iron" - Lee Trevino

Why Would You Use One? 

A hybrid is typically used in place of long irons (1-4). In fact, hybrids have replaced these irons in a lot of golf bags. Even some professional golfers came around and use a hybrid or two. 1 in 2 golfers polled in 2010 carried a hybrid in their bag, compared to the 1 in 12 in 2004. 

Hybrids often replace fairway drivers and woods. The distance of a long iron is its best feature. It is a bit difficult to shoot a higher shot with a long iron. This makes it more difficult for the ball to stay on firmer greens. The hybrid gains the height of the fairway wood, effectively solving the height issue. Hybrids easily cut through long grass, making them perfect for shots out of the rough. I personally have found little success here and prefer to use a traditional iron, but many golfers swear by them when their ball lands in the rough. Hybrids also replace fairway woods. They allow the golfer to have a more forgiving and accurate shot, while still providing the distance of a wood.

Should I Start Using Hybrids?

If hitting your irons is something you struggle with, it might not be a bad idea to try out a hybrid! Test out a hybrid that is designed to improve your weak spots! Do your research beforehand, or you might end up with an expensive new club that doesn't improve your game any more than the iron you replaced! Before completely replacing your irons, pick one up and try it out for a few rounds! To book a round call the pro shop at (905)-679-2703 or click here to book online.

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