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Planning a Tournament: Part 1

26 Jun 2017

Proper planning is the key to a successful tournament. They're a great way of hosting a corporate outing, running a charitable event or simply getting together with friends and colleagues. We have come up with 10 steps that if followed, will result in a great golf tournament every time!

1. When and Where Will the Tournament Be? 

Choose a date and time that best suits the schedules of the participating players. Consider if a weekend or weekday will be the best fit for the majority. Other major considerations include:  

- Is it a full or half day tournament?
- Are there travel considerations to keep in mind? Willow Valley is easily accessible from the highway for those travelling from out of town. 
- Is the course difficulty such that ALL skill levels can be accommodated? 
- Does the course provide the proper amenities? 

2. Purpose of the Tournament

Many golf tournaments are held as a charity event or fundraiser. Your needs will vary depending on the purpose of the tournament. A couple of factors to consider may be: 

- Will there be celebrities in attendance? 
- Will there be an auction and/or raffle? 
- Are sponsorships required? 
- What is/are the best way(s) of promoting the event? 
- What types of events or contests should I include in my tournament? 
   - Ex, hole-in-one contest, longest drive, closest to the pin, etc.

3. Format of the Tournament

There are several different formats to choose from when planning a tournament. One of the most popular formats is a scramble. There are others to choose from including match play, better ball and stroke play. Our knowledgeable staff can explain the different formats and help choose which one best suits your tournament needs. Before choosing you should consider: 

- How many golfers will be participating? 
- Will it be a 'shotgun' start? 
- What are your timelines for the day? 
  - Are you serving lunch or dinner at a set time, etc.
- Is it a 9-hole or an 18-hole round?

Willow Valley hosts several tournaments throughout the year, and is easily accessible from the highway. A tournament liaison can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Our course is well suited for golfers of all skill levels, and has 4 tee blocks for the golfers to tee off of. Willow Valley is also flexible with time and dates, depending on your tournament requirements. We are also prepared to provide you with innovative ideas, whatever the theme or format may be!

To speak to a manager for more information or to book your tournament call the pro shop at (905)-679-2703. The full 10-step guide is available for download. Simply click 'download attachment' below to download your own copy!

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